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Games So, the Xbox One disaster continues. Microsoft's policy for dealing with the used games market has reportedly leaked - and it's a clear and direct attack to destroy the used games market. Prices for used games will be set at the retail value of a new game, and retailers have to hook into Microsoft's computer systems and comply with Microsoft's terms and conditions.
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by kurkosdr on Fri 24th May 2013 18:07 UTC
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When the publishers start accusing the second hand market for being "leeches", something no other industry does (car industry, electric appliances industry), you know the government has overdone it in the copyright protectionism department. If publisher's hadn't been given so much leeway on other things (restricting free trade via region lock, restricting the right to personal copies and fair use via DRM), they wouldn't consider restricting the second hand market their "right". But they do.

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