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Google "So in summary... Google has pulled the plug on support on a protocol they've helped popularize, after years of promising interoperability, for reasons that are dubious at best, and in a way that leaves people who don't jump to the new Hangouts app unable to talk to their contacts without any feedback that their IMs aren't getting through... And they've done that with no warning to anyone. I imagine there's a bunch of people out there wondering where some of their buddies have gone, or why their messages aren't getting responses, because this isn't documented anywhere." Google really messed this up. Such a dick move.
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So, first you're saying we should convert people to libre alternatives, but then you take a 180 and say that we shouldn't even bother with some people.

No, I'm saying that there is no problem with explaining and trying to teach someone the benefits of an open service (in fact that's a good thing), but if they're far too dense for anything to ever sink in then there is no point in wasting an excessive amount of time and energy on them. Or in other words: Do what you can, but don't waste your energy fighting a losing battle. Other people might just be more open to something less advertised, so why bother with those people who you know are far too stubborn to ever switch, let alone even care that there is an alternative? Talking to some people is literally like trying to talk to a brick wall; pointless. It's these kinds of people I'm talking about.

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