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Apple "Sources have described iOS 7 as 'black, white, and flat all over'. This refers to the dropping of heavy textures and the addition of several new black and white user interface elements." I couldn't be happier.
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RE: Wait to see it
by subairm on Sun 26th May 2013 04:41 UTC in reply to "Wait to see it"
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I agree with you. It is really hard to find or use Gmail as confused what to do with their GUI when I am in Gmail. Everything has been changed.

Well, Changes always good. But it must be superior to the previous one. The user should feel more comfortable than the previous one. They shouldn't be feel uncomfortable and feel that need a big learning curve to use the new one. The world and peoples are moving very fast and no time to learn.

How do we change? Do we need change everything?

1. Windows VISTA is an alpha version of Windows 7
2. Since I born I can pick an Apple easily from vegetable market.

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