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Google "So in summary... Google has pulled the plug on support on a protocol they've helped popularize, after years of promising interoperability, for reasons that are dubious at best, and in a way that leaves people who don't jump to the new Hangouts app unable to talk to their contacts without any feedback that their IMs aren't getting through... And they've done that with no warning to anyone. I imagine there's a bunch of people out there wondering where some of their buddies have gone, or why their messages aren't getting responses, because this isn't documented anywhere." Google really messed this up. Such a dick move.
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How exactly is that a win for me?

Because you get to feel the rush of superiority, you get to claim you're better than them and if they don't follow you they don't even deserve anything better.

but if they don't like it and want to switch back, then why does it matter to me?

Then why complain in the first place about the situation at all? You want XMPP or some other open protocol to become the de facto standard and you want interoperability you gotta work for it, simple as that. Complaining about it and then refusing to do anything about by claiming the higher ground and superiority don't help none, it only makes you feel good 'bout yourself. The proprietary stuff ain't gonna disappear in a poof of pixie dust unless you make something so much better that it can't compete anymore.

Win, loss--it all has different meanings in different contexts, and I'd prefer to neatly sidestep that mess and just call it what it really is in the end: a choice. One that, like any other, in not worth dedicating you life to trying to enforce, to the point where you're actually taking away choice. If in the end they choose to live in a sandbox, then fine with me. It's really up to them in the end.

We wouldn't have e.g. Firefox and open web standards if everyone thought like that, you know? Mozilla - devs went out of their way to try to make the superior product and try to make it appeal to the common man and boy, it sure did take a lot of effort. That effort did pay off and it just keeps on giving.

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