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Linux "Today I pushed out a new ISO of my Wayland Live CD project, which is named for my favorite celebrity. For this new Wayland CD, I wrote a new login manager with Bash and Zenity and Expect (and Script) that fully runs on a Wayland server (weston). Now X is no longer involved in the boot process, and X does not start, (unless you use an X application with xwayland), because I replaced LightDM with the new loginmanager."
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RE: No Torrent?
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 26th May 2013 17:50 UTC in reply to "No Torrent?"
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Meh... I download files that are several gigs in size over HTTP/FTP all the time with wget--in fact, that's actually my preferred method. It works just fine and is reliable without destroying network speeds. It's just that, in this case, a distro named "Rebecca Black Linux" that runs Wayland is something I probably wouldn't bother downloading with any type of connection...

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