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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Verge has learned that HTC's Chief Product Officer, Kouji Kodera, left the company last week. Kodera was responsible for HTC's overall product strategy, which makes the departure especially notable on the heels of the global launch of the make-or-break One. It's not just Kodera. In the past three-odd months, HTC has lost a number of employees in rapid succession." I really hope HTC pulls it together.
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RE[3]: Comment by Nelson
by PresentIt on Sun 26th May 2013 17:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Nelson"
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HTC posted a 37% YoY decrease versus a triple digit 180% YoY growth for Nokia Lumia sales.

And yet Lumia sales are terrible. Dreadful. Disastrous. The numbers are extremely poor. 180% growth doesn't help when you hardly sold anyting in the first place and that's the cause of the large percentage increase.

To put it this way again: If you sell 1 phone one quarter and 2 the next you have 100% growth. But that doesn't help when your competitors increased their sales by millions.

Nokia outsold HTC in Q1 2013.

Maybe if you count dumbphones, I guess.

The HTC Flagship, One, sold 5 million units in a month.

The Nokia flagship, Lumia 920, sold 5.6 million units in the entire 1st quarter (up from 4.4 million the quarter before, a really pathetic increase if you look at iPhone and, say, the Samsung Galaxy).

Also, as one analyst pointed out: "Whether it's 5 million or 4 million, it's not clear how many of those are from inventory build-up in the last quarter."

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