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Google "So in summary... Google has pulled the plug on support on a protocol they've helped popularize, after years of promising interoperability, for reasons that are dubious at best, and in a way that leaves people who don't jump to the new Hangouts app unable to talk to their contacts without any feedback that their IMs aren't getting through... And they've done that with no warning to anyone. I imagine there's a bunch of people out there wondering where some of their buddies have gone, or why their messages aren't getting responses, because this isn't documented anywhere." Google really messed this up. Such a dick move.
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RE[7]: Comment by marcp
by Nelson on Sun 26th May 2013 21:40 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by marcp"
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Meanwhile as long as Google is the company who is benefiting open source most, I will continue to use their services.

Microsoft technologies make me money. But other technologies did before that. The minute I make my living somewhere else, I'll naturally have deeper knowledge on that other company.

You like to pretend you dont support Google, despite you singing their praises in every thread leading up to this.

Google's benefits to open source/open source projects vastly overshadows those of Microsoft.

As an open source proponent, you should use whichever one makes you happy regardless of their positions on open source. Using one because they support open source is foolish, given that the reasons they support open source are not really the same reasons you support open source.

I'd use Google at any rate, Bing is truly and unexcusably terrible.

I wonder if XMPP or CalDAV appreciate the "benefits" that Google brought them now, post dagger in their back.

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