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OSNews, Generic OSes "A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust. I was inspired to download Rust and try to do this after seeing - a stub that lets Rust programs run almost freestanding. It paints the screen bright red and then hangs. That's it."
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RE: I clicked it, I liked it
by Brendan on Mon 27th May 2013 05:03 UTC in reply to "I clicked it, I liked it"
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This is exactly the kind of thing I like to see on here amongst all the other articles.

Agreed (in theory).

Sure the results aren't ground breaking, but hearing about someone doing something like this in a language i"ve never heard of is definitely of interest.

I'm not sure what they're doing in Rust; but the boot loader and the code to paint the screen red is all written in assembly.

- Brendan

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