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OSNews, Generic OSes "A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust. I was inspired to download Rust and try to do this after seeing - a stub that lets Rust programs run almost freestanding. It paints the screen bright red and then hangs. That's it."
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RE[3]: I clicked it, I liked it
by Brendan on Mon 27th May 2013 06:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I clicked it, I liked it"
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The clearing to red seems to be written in Rust:

You're right - the assembly I saw ( ) fills the screen with blue smiley faces on a black background(character 0x01) before the Rust code fills the screen with black null characters (character 0x00) on either a light pink or flashing red background (depending on how the video card felt like handling the attribute, as this isn't setup properly).

Of course this assumes that the firmware left the direction flag clear - the assembly "fill the screen" code may clear nothing and simply trash the EBDA instead, as there's no "CLD" instruction anywhere. It also assumes that the video mode actually is 80*25 text mode (I've seen cases where it's not).

- Brendan

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