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OSNews, Generic OSes "A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust. I was inspired to download Rust and try to do this after seeing - a stub that lets Rust programs run almost freestanding. It paints the screen bright red and then hangs. That's it."
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RE: Temple OS
by sultanqasim on Mon 27th May 2013 20:22 UTC in reply to "Temple OS"
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Yes, I know that there are a lot of cool niche operating system, and yes I know that TempleOS has some rather... unusual religious content, but it's still a very impressive undertaking for a single person project.

Stop criticizing TempleOS's comments, and instead take a look at the actual project. It's a pretty neat little OS, with real, interesting ideas. I for one would gladly welcome an OSNews story on TempleOS. The fact that it's written by an OSNews member is another plus.

Whatever you may feel about TempleOS's religious views, TempleOS is several orders of magnitude more impressive than this snippet of code that paints the screen red. TempleOS is a real, functional, and unique simple OS.

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