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Games So, the Xbox One disaster continues. Microsoft's policy for dealing with the used games market has reportedly leaked - and it's a clear and direct attack to destroy the used games market. Prices for used games will be set at the retail value of a new game, and retailers have to hook into Microsoft's computer systems and comply with Microsoft's terms and conditions.
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This is an opening for Sony and the PS4, if (at the executive level) they choose to go for it.

If Sony gives us a normal disc based experience (the disc is what runs, no daily online link needed, not a UserID verified through a server constantly), regular used disc sales experience and I'll be abandoning my Xbox and Xbox360 habit and going with Sony for the PS4.

We'll have to wait and see on the PS4 - with the significantly better video hardware and this opportunity, its totally in Sony Executive's hands (God help us) to win this console round from the beginning if they so choose.

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