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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Finland is Nokia. Nokia is Finland. I've traveled to quite a few number of countries this year, and the only place where I see Lumia phones is this chunk of ice that I call home. According to the Finnish business publication Taloussanomat, who references data from IDC, Q1 2013 was the first quarter where mobile phones from the South Korean handset maker Samsung outsold those designed in Espoo. If that's not alarming, I don't know what is." Ouch.
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Nokia is dead (to me at least)
by kompak on Wed 29th May 2013 18:20 UTC
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I'm from Finland and apart from one Motorola NMT phone back in the nineties, I've always had Nokia phones and been generally very pleased with them. Now I'm stuck with the N900 as it was pretty much the last good thing to come from Nokia. I wouldn't even consider the Lumias and what contact I've had with them is fixing constant problems from phones of my friends and family. Android seems horribly cluttered and slow and iOS is not for "power users" (we used to call them nerds) like me. After my N900 dies I probably just have to revert back to my good old 2110.

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