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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Finland is Nokia. Nokia is Finland. I've traveled to quite a few number of countries this year, and the only place where I see Lumia phones is this chunk of ice that I call home. According to the Finnish business publication Taloussanomat, who references data from IDC, Q1 2013 was the first quarter where mobile phones from the South Korean handset maker Samsung outsold those designed in Espoo. If that's not alarming, I don't know what is." Ouch.
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I am going retro
by testadura on Wed 29th May 2013 21:32 UTC
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What a pity.

Recently my HTC broke down, forcing me to revive my old trusty Nokia E65. What a blessing is this retro-phone ;)

After 3.5 years using an iPhone 3G and 2 yrs of using an HTC with custom roms, I find myself using a REAL phone again.

Battery life is great with 3+ days (the battery still works, while it hasn't been charged for 5.5 years.), call quality and reception is exceptional and I really like having a physical key to hang up!

By todays standards this symbian smartphone is not very smart, but as a phone it is still one of the best.

Too bad the nokia days are over.

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