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Opera Software "Countless hours of hard work, hectoliters of coffee, tons of improvements, two version numbers skipped, and here it is: the all-new Opera for desktop is now out as an Opera Next version, Opera's channel for what used to be called beta. Made from scratch, this version is available for Windows and Mac and brings a new, elegant design and a bunch of new features that will make your browsing experience sleeker and easier than ever." The first version using something called 'Chromium's engine' - I guess they can't call it WebKit anymore, but they can't call it Blink yet either. It's looking great, but the bookmark functionality seems to not have been implemented yet in this preview
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RE[2]: So
by Doc Pain on Thu 30th May 2013 05:58 UTC in reply to "RE: So"
Doc Pain
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I seriously hope they reinstitute Z-order for tab switching in later betas, rather than simplistic left to right.

Also, mouse button navigation isn't working.

Those two things are probably the biggest quirks that keep me on Opera, and this doesn't have them.

Same here. I've been using Opera for many years now, I think since somewhere around version 5. I did always like the work Opera developers have been putting into delivering a user-friendly interface which emphasized excellent integration of mouse and keyboard. Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts made simple things easy. It felt like they had "invested brain power" to make things work smoothly. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I found competitors (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) not as "fast and easy" as Opera... yes I know, there are extensions, add-ins, add-ons and who knows what to enable "Opera-like" functions in those browsers, but Opera had them out of the box. :-)

Within the last years, I've been observing a significant decline in program functionality. The features of the file dialog (prefix to change directory, automatic appending of file extensions, editable directory hierarchy dropdown) and the printer generator, as well as (for some versions) the unneccessary coupling to CUPS (I don't have it, I don't need it, my printer speaks PS, thank you). And prior to using Opera, I had to configure more and more things.

I'm interested in seeing if the new "inner bowels" of the browser are able to provide a fast and modern browsing experience with the known and reliable "outer interface" many Opera users love so much (me included). Sadly, my OS is not on the list yet. :-)

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