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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Finland is Nokia. Nokia is Finland. I've traveled to quite a few number of countries this year, and the only place where I see Lumia phones is this chunk of ice that I call home. According to the Finnish business publication Taloussanomat, who references data from IDC, Q1 2013 was the first quarter where mobile phones from the South Korean handset maker Samsung outsold those designed in Espoo. If that's not alarming, I don't know what is." Ouch.
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In 2010 it was still Nokia all along, young, old, nerd or user*. Today finland has few Nokia shops or even sales personal left. Outside of finland even lesser. In 2010 working for Nokia earned you fame among fins, old, young, every fin. Today its more a kind of "I am sorry" look**. There isn't much illusion left where Nokia is heading to***.

*Compare sales figures and market share of 2010 with 2013.
**First non-fin CEO, first non-fin product, a spectacular downfall since then, there are not much fins left who don't know somebody that lost his job at Nokia under Elop.
***"Are you aware that results are what matter?" (Nokia shareholder meeting Q1)

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