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ReactOS "The ReactOS project is proud to announce the release of version 0.3.15. A culmination of over a year of development, 0.3.15 incorporates several architectural enhancements to create a more compatible and conformant implementation of the NT architecture. Perhaps the most user visible enhancement is initial support for USB devices, both storage and input. Infrastructure wise, this is the first release of ReactOS using CMake instead of rbuild. The conversion to CMake has allowed developers to generate Visual Studio solutions for working on the code, though several C++ components still need work before support for Microsoft's toolchain is complete."
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RE[2]: So in a nutshell ...
by weckart on Fri 31st May 2013 07:28 UTC in reply to "RE: So in a nutshell ..."
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If the strikethroughs across most of the languages formerly available shown in the lower left corner of the ReactOS homepage is anything to go by, you are not the only one starting to lose interest in the project.

It was inevitable; the ReactOS devs are chasing a swiftly moving target. Haiku devs only had to resurrect a moribund OS for which they could dictate the pace of development.

If it attained a modicum of functionality, however basic, then ReactOS might gain some traction as a slightly advanced version of FreeDOS - bundled with cheap electronics to be used in bootable media for the purposes of gui-based ROM flashing or to demonstrate with simple apps some of the capabilities of the product it is bundled with.

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