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ReactOS "The ReactOS project is proud to announce the release of version 0.3.15. A culmination of over a year of development, 0.3.15 incorporates several architectural enhancements to create a more compatible and conformant implementation of the NT architecture. Perhaps the most user visible enhancement is initial support for USB devices, both storage and input. Infrastructure wise, this is the first release of ReactOS using CMake instead of rbuild. The conversion to CMake has allowed developers to generate Visual Studio solutions for working on the code, though several C++ components still need work before support for Microsoft's toolchain is complete."
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RE[2]: So in a nutshell ...
by Laurence on Fri 31st May 2013 07:39 UTC in reply to "RE: So in a nutshell ..."
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And by the way, screw Notepad. Wine (and therefore ReactOS) has ran Metapad flawlessly for a long time now, and that's what really matters. :p

WINE and ReactOS have less in common that you'd think. Sure, there is some code sharing between the two. But there's even more code that cannot be shared due to the difference in the architecture (ie one being a compatibility layer that sites on top of a POSIX OS, and the other being a clone of the entire Windows stack (kernel and all), which means the Windows APIs cannot just link into Linux ABIs.

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