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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Google and HTC made a lot of dreams come true this morning when Android head Sundar Pichai announced a version of the HTC One with stock Android at the D11 conference. Google's Hugo Barra happened to have a stock One in his pocket, and he gave me a quick look." This is awesome. So incredibly awesome. This is the way to go for Google to ensure the most popular Android devices can be obtained with stock Android for those of us that want it. It's also great for custom ROM makers - although it might be that crucial driver code is still closed and unusable for custom ROMs. Also, good guy HTC: they might make a downloadable AOSP ROM available for people who bought the HTC One with Sense.
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This almost gets it right...
by grahamtriggs on Fri 31st May 2013 10:44 UTC
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You know what I would really like to see? *All* devices come with stock Android, with manufacturer "skins" as device locked add-ons via the Play store.

With an option for the manufacturers to pre-install their apps of course, and with a compatibility check for OS upgrades to ensure that apps won't break.

Then we *all* get to stay up to date with the Android core, as distributed by Google, and the manufacturers still get to differentiate themselves with their choice of developed skins.

This all seems fairly feasible, seeing as I can already replace the Launcher, etc. with apps from the store, and that some - like Facebook Home - are already locked to certain devices.

So lets just fix this problem once and for all.

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