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Opera Software "Countless hours of hard work, hectoliters of coffee, tons of improvements, two version numbers skipped, and here it is: the all-new Opera for desktop is now out as an Opera Next version, Opera's channel for what used to be called beta. Made from scratch, this version is available for Windows and Mac and brings a new, elegant design and a bunch of new features that will make your browsing experience sleeker and easier than ever." The first version using something called 'Chromium's engine' - I guess they can't call it WebKit anymore, but they can't call it Blink yet either. It's looking great, but the bookmark functionality seems to not have been implemented yet in this preview
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RE[2]: Alpha
by PresentIt on Fri 31st May 2013 13:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Alpha"
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Since desktop version 12 Opera hangs on certain sites (don't know if it's the extensions that breaks things or not) but Opera still claims everything is fine while hundreds of users scream at them that

Really? Proof, please. I want some specific examples of this.

There was a huge uproar on the forum and they release 3 versions before correcting this issue, always rejecting faults on users for their lack of adaptedness. Come on...

Really? They blamed the users? Proof, please. Otherwise one will have conclude that you are a liar.

Sure they tweaked their Presto engine to run the Acid3 test first, but some site still renders strangely, and rejecting fault on webmasters is the easy path. The user don't give a f--k whose at fault, he just want to access the Internet flawlessly.

This is a blatant lie. Opera doesn't blame the webmasters. They made Presto from scratch to be as compatible as possible. I don't know what your agenda is, lying about Opera like this, so maybe you could explain.

Why are you lying about Opera blaming other people?

but their are still experimenting with UI. Do we really need everything to change at each incarnation ?

Ok, now you are getting annoying. Do you not understand the concept of creating a UI from scratch? Are you so ignorant of software development that you don't understand that you can't implement a hundred features in a few days?

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