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Apple At the D11 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook once again took the stage to be interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. While most of the interview can be replicated by picking and reading 10 random Apple fanblog stories - there were still a number of very interesting things that warrant some closer scrutiny.
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RE[3]: iTunes store on Android
by krreagan on Fri 31st May 2013 14:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: iTunes store on Android"
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Apple is a hardware company. Everything else that Apple does is geared to selling Apple HW. If they make money on media or apps sales that is only icing on the cake.
Under their current model they would never (IMO) make iTunes available to Android. It would not sell any HW for Apple and it would lesson the user experience for the Apple (media) customer. Apple makes the most complete media consumption echo system and adding Android makes no sense. Apple is about selling a complete HW echo system.
They do partner with media companies (Netflix,NHL,TV) But they don't like partnering with HW manufactures that compete in the same niche as Apple HW. That is one reason why they are trying to get rid of Samsung in their supply chain as much as possible.
I have a feeling this will be bad for Samsung in the long run. Their profits from supplying Apple products is probably a significant part of their current record profits. Android profits are razor thin! and difficult to maintain.

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