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ReactOS "The ReactOS project is proud to announce the release of version 0.3.15. A culmination of over a year of development, 0.3.15 incorporates several architectural enhancements to create a more compatible and conformant implementation of the NT architecture. Perhaps the most user visible enhancement is initial support for USB devices, both storage and input. Infrastructure wise, this is the first release of ReactOS using CMake instead of rbuild. The conversion to CMake has allowed developers to generate Visual Studio solutions for working on the code, though several C++ components still need work before support for Microsoft's toolchain is complete."
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I downloaded the virtualbox image upon hearing of the new release of ReactOS, hoping the old bugs that plagued it last time I tried it would have been ironed out in the year between releases.

Unfortunately, ReactOS failed the first test I gave it, which was the nail in the coffin for this release. I installed Firefox 19 through the ReactOS software app. While Firefox INSTALLED just fine, running it was a different story. The Browser portion came up just fine, however the navigation bar & URL field were completely glitched, blacked out and unusable. With respect to the developers working hard on this project, if you can't get a web browser to load properly, there's no point in trumpeting a release. I wanted to try downloading various programs form the web myself and see if they work in ReactOS. With the web browser itself failing (then failing to close when I right clicked it and told it to close on taskbar) it was a quick click to power off the virtual machine and delete the virtual machine permanently from my computer.

Even for an alpha, this release sadly disappoints. same old ReactOS unfortunately.

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