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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Asus has just announced the cure for the common 20-something-inch 1080p display: a small TV-sized 31.5-inch monitor with a massive resolution of 3840x2160. Engadget reports that the Asus PQ321 display, which uses IGZO technology to reduce energy usage and thickness, includes DisplayPort and dual-HDMI input, integrated speakers, and an adjustable stand." The dread of 1366 and 1080p is being removed. Finally.
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RE[5]: IMO, this solves nothing.
by Alfman on Sat 1st Jun 2013 07:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: IMO, this solves nothing."
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"Huh. Not one commenter here so far likes 16:9 displays. I happen to like having lots of vertical space, it feels more natural to me than 4:3 displays. I don't really if it's 16:9 or 16:10, it is such a small difference in thend,"

Hmm, the way I'm reading this doesn't make sense to me: you like vertical space, yet you don't like the 4:3 display and prefer the widescreen aspect ratios?

" but I would hate having to go back for the more rectangular shapes."

I have no idea what this means ;) But I'm going to guess you meant that you liked horizontal space instead.

For me it's no so much a preference for one shape or another, rather it's just that I like having an aspect ratio that more closely matches the content I work with. If I worked with very wide content, I'd prefer an equally wide screen.

This is how osnews looks to me in full screen:

This is the norm rather than the exception not only for web pages but PDF's, word processing, programming, ssh, viewing photos (esp portrait), etc.

So here's my question to widescreen fans: What do you do to actually make use the horizontal space? I can see the benefit for opening up multiple windows side by side, but I prefer having dual monitors for this. Anyway I'm under the impression that most users run their programs full screen and I'd have to guess that they are accustomed to having lots of empty space on their widescreens like me.

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