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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Asus has just announced the cure for the common 20-something-inch 1080p display: a small TV-sized 31.5-inch monitor with a massive resolution of 3840x2160. Engadget reports that the Asus PQ321 display, which uses IGZO technology to reduce energy usage and thickness, includes DisplayPort and dual-HDMI input, integrated speakers, and an adjustable stand." The dread of 1366 and 1080p is being removed. Finally.
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Not good enough for me
by biffuz on Sat 1st Jun 2013 11:17 UTC
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I would like a 23" display with at least 4096*3072 pixels, but sadly nobody is going to make those.
Why 4096, you might ask... well, because every web page nowadays seems to have been designed like there's nothing but 1024*768. Actually, as a programmer I've been told to do pages that fixed width.
The problem with a FHD display is that it isn't enough to show two pages side by side, while a 2048-wide display can. 4096 is a "retina" version of it, and being used to my MBP Retina, I don't want anything less.
But it looks like we have to cope with this idiotic situation.

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