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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Asus has just announced the cure for the common 20-something-inch 1080p display: a small TV-sized 31.5-inch monitor with a massive resolution of 3840x2160. Engadget reports that the Asus PQ321 display, which uses IGZO technology to reduce energy usage and thickness, includes DisplayPort and dual-HDMI input, integrated speakers, and an adjustable stand." The dread of 1366 and 1080p is being removed. Finally.
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RE[7]: IMO, this solves nothing.
by leech on Sat 1st Jun 2013 15:27 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: IMO, this solves nothing."
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Yes, I usually have 4-10 windows open at all times due to constantly doing something, and I like to have the windows sized so that I can fit 3-5 simultaneously on the screen. Also, I rather have one large display than multiple smaller ones as there is no way of using the physical space between the displays.

These are my opinions as well. It's nice to be able to have terminals taking up one half of the screen, browser, email, or whatever taking up the other half. With all the awesome hardware at our fingertips these days, why on earth would we stick to running single tasks full screen? That's one of the things that really bothers me with some of the more 'modern' designs of operating systems. So many tablet / phone interfaces want to make the application take the full screen, which is a slide back to single tasking Macs/Atari STs in the 80s. The only time I want a single task to take the whole screen is either a movie or a video game, (most of which utilize the wide screen display properly, unlike websites, documents, etc). Even on my Amiga, I tend to not make applications full screen unless it creates a screen of it's own. The Amiga OS was genius for doing it's multitasking that way..anyhow that's a bit off topic.

Fact is, Widescreen displays are great for multi-tasking and video content. A lot of people don't multitask very well, if at all. I only can because I have ADD or something and my focus likes to bounce around a lot.. ;)

Oops, wanted to add an edit of "Rotate your display, if you don't like it wide!" I have two monitors at work, that I can rotate. It's AWESOME for web browsing, but sucks for my usual day to day work (which usually consists of terminals, web browser with 100+tabs, VM displays, etc.)

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