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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Google and HTC made a lot of dreams come true this morning when Android head Sundar Pichai announced a version of the HTC One with stock Android at the D11 conference. Google's Hugo Barra happened to have a stock One in his pocket, and he gave me a quick look." This is awesome. So incredibly awesome. This is the way to go for Google to ensure the most popular Android devices can be obtained with stock Android for those of us that want it. It's also great for custom ROM makers - although it might be that crucial driver code is still closed and unusable for custom ROMs. Also, good guy HTC: they might make a downloadable AOSP ROM available for people who bought the HTC One with Sense.
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RE[2]: If they do this right...
by Fergy on Sat 1st Jun 2013 16:14 UTC in reply to "RE: If they do this right..."
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you could get a Nexus 4. It is great in all the areas you are having problems....but you would have to leave Verizon.

Anandtech has great review of the HTC One. The Nexus 4 is bigger, has a smaller battery, a 720p where One has 1080p screen, the same weak speakers every phone has, a slower cpu, and a worse camera.
If Nexus 4 had been available in my country when it was released I would have already had it. Now it is already so outdated...

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