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Opera Software "Countless hours of hard work, hectoliters of coffee, tons of improvements, two version numbers skipped, and here it is: the all-new Opera for desktop is now out as an Opera Next version, Opera's channel for what used to be called beta. Made from scratch, this version is available for Windows and Mac and brings a new, elegant design and a bunch of new features that will make your browsing experience sleeker and easier than ever." The first version using something called 'Chromium's engine' - I guess they can't call it WebKit anymore, but they can't call it Blink yet either. It's looking great, but the bookmark functionality seems to not have been implemented yet in this preview
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RE[4]: Alpha
by PresentIt on Sat 1st Jun 2013 17:43 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Alpha"
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Hmmm, the Opera forum is full of proofs, I won't waste my time pointing them out to you, the last time I did the opponent, obviously moved and unable to come with counter argument just ditched the proofs away.

In other words, you have no proof. You only have the lies you made up.

If you had actual proof that Opera claims everything is fine and blamed the users, you would have posted it. But you don't, so that's proof that you lied.

You can call me liar all you want, you can praise Opera from making Presto from ground up, compliant, whatever, nonetheless it remains bad at rendering several sites. And no, I won't list them either.

That's not the question. You claimed that Opera only blamed sites, and I wanted proof. Because if you read official blogs they keep talking about how they're working on making Opera more compatible with the web, and they have said numerous times that Presto was designed to be compatible with real sites.

Why do they have to reinvent the UI ?

Because the old one was like this (see the pictures)?

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