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Opera Software "Countless hours of hard work, hectoliters of coffee, tons of improvements, two version numbers skipped, and here it is: the all-new Opera for desktop is now out as an Opera Next version, Opera's channel for what used to be called beta. Made from scratch, this version is available for Windows and Mac and brings a new, elegant design and a bunch of new features that will make your browsing experience sleeker and easier than ever." The first version using something called 'Chromium's engine' - I guess they can't call it WebKit anymore, but they can't call it Blink yet either. It's looking great, but the bookmark functionality seems to not have been implemented yet in this preview
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You just ignored what I wrote about this just being the first version, and that the first version obviously isn't going to have tons of features.

That comment's ironic considering the fact that you've completely ignored what I wrote. My point was that the trend towards Opera becoming less customisable and abandoning features started before this rewrite. That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that the full Opera UI will return.

When people have brought up niche features, such as MDI abilities like tiling tabs, I've seen Opera staff question how important they are and talk about "streamlining" the browser's features to those that people "really use".

Opera 15 is the first version of Opera not to allow complete customisation of the browser's layout, as well as all menus and keyboard shortcuts. Again, I've seen the popularity and importance of this questioned, which doesn't make it sound like Opera 15 will regain that high level of customisability.

Considering their limited resources, it would make sense for Opera to focus on the most popular features and abandon development of things that relatively few people care about. But for me some of those features are among the main reasons why I started using Opera over 15 years ago.

Would you bet that all the niche features that made Opera unique will ever return in future versions?

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