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Windows First looks at Windows 'Blue' have revealed an upgrade composed of cosmetic fixes, suggesting that Microsoft may be blowing its chance to turn the tide on Windows 8 blow back, and make good on its promise to truly 'rethink' Windows 8 with the release of Windows Blue. As a result, InfoWorld has issued an open letter to Microsoft to consider Windows 'Red' -- what InfoWorld is calling a 'serious plan' to fix the flaws of Windows 8, one that could rescue Microsoft's currently flagging promise to deliver a modern computing experience on both PCs and tablets.
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Withholding judgement
by galvanash on Tue 4th Jun 2013 03:27 UTC
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On first pass it seems overly complicated... Personally I would have to think quite a bit about what they are proposing to make an informed judgement, so Ill pass.

I would add one thing that I haven't seen said anywhere else so far. There is a lot of ink being spent reporting on how Windows 8.1 brings back the start button...

The problem is I don't think the start button is what people are really missing. It is the start menu.

Having a button that launches the Metro start screen is (imo) totally pointless - that is exactly the thing that desktop users don't want to see because it is a gut wrenching transition to something completely foreign that really is no better than what we had before (at least on desktops with mice)

I really do think the idea of Metro is great for its intended usage - I just think they screwed up by trying to integrate the two environments to such a degree.

I think the solution is even simpler than this "red" idea. Just disconnect the two environments completely. Metro apps live in Metro, and desktop apps live on the desktop. Make it simple to switch between the two environments, but keep them completely separate. Let the user decide when and if they want to switch between environments and be done with it.

Why not?

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