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Novell and Ximian "Contrary to what was expected from recent Novell announcements, Novell executives are apparently slicing deeply into the Linux heart of the company. Jobs and resources are actually being slashed in several areas previously dubbed by Novell management as "key component parts of Novell's Linux developments": staffers working on Mono, Hula, Evolution and Desktop Strategy are getting the sack. SUSE customers around the world will be shocked and puzzled by this management decision."
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Ok my 2 cents.
by Edward on Sat 5th Nov 2005 16:43 UTC
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1. I use KDE, have since SuSE home 8.0, as far as the devs. & users not being mature. Who cares KDE is still great.

2. Guess my next distro won't be SuSE.

3. What about standerds, each distro has its own way of doing the same thing.

4. There are tons of distros, to many I think.

5. Like it or not user friendly distros need a click & install system like windows. Sorry, but windows is the only OS with 1 that I have used like that.

6. For linux users to help, and get over thier "I am great cause I use linux aditude", all windows users are not dumb, they just use window.

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