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Legal Ah, patents - the never-ending scourge of the technology industry. Whether wielded by companies who don't actually make any products, or large corporations who abuse them because they can't compete in the market place or because they're simply jerks, they do the industry a huge disservice and are simply plain dangerous. According to The Wall Street Journal (circumvention link), president Obama is about to take several executive actions to address patent trolls - which may seem like a good idea, but I am very worried that all this will do is strengthen the positions of notorious patent system abusers such as Apple and Microsoft.
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by WorknMan on Tue 4th Jun 2013 18:04 UTC in reply to "Comment by MOS6510"
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Just wondering which small companies have been "trolled" by Apple and its patents.

I see a lot of Apple inspired products in shops made by a number of rather unknown brands, yet I never see any news of Apple sueing any of them.

Ya, I'm not saying that it never happens, but all I ever see these giant commercial bastards do is sue one another, and then nerds around the world are screaming about how this is harmful to small businesses. And unless these big businesses who are getting sued are also lobbying hard for severe patent reform, I don't feel sorry for them. You want to play that game, don't whine like a bitch if you lose.

Even if some small company were put out of business by a frivolous patent lawsuit, there can only be so much of this. If company x worth $1 billion started going after mom and pop shops with gusto, the bad PR would stack up pretty quickly, and bad PR is like kryptonite to these companies ;)

Whatever the case, I hope there's one thing that comes out of this, and that is if a business is going to threaten somebody else with ominous patent violations, they either have to put up or shut up.

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