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Legal Ah, patents - the never-ending scourge of the technology industry. Whether wielded by companies who don't actually make any products, or large corporations who abuse them because they can't compete in the market place or because they're simply jerks, they do the industry a huge disservice and are simply plain dangerous. According to The Wall Street Journal (circumvention link), president Obama is about to take several executive actions to address patent trolls - which may seem like a good idea, but I am very worried that all this will do is strengthen the positions of notorious patent system abusers such as Apple and Microsoft.
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by JAlexoid on Wed 5th Jun 2013 09:06 UTC in reply to "Comment by MOS6510"
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Apple itself is not the problem. Neither is Samsung or Microsoft, or IBM, or any other big player.

Problem is that they are opposing changing of the rules that allow them to battle it out... the side-effect of those rules is that medium sized companies or small trolls can use the same rules to scare and attack the small guys.

Their opposition to change of patent laws, what they see as a valuable legal tool, results in a massive negative side-effect on small and medium business.

In fact, now the pharmaceutical companies are against the rules that they helped to introduce... the rules that are to vague and allowed a vast set of "inventions" to be patented.

Complaining about any of the big boys is like complaining about a manager that is adamant that he cannot change an arbitrary rule that he introduced himself and has no legal obligation to enforce.(I had such an argument recently)

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