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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Several Android tablets running on Intel Clover Trail+ Atom processors broke cover at Computex Taiwan. Intel's dual-core, 1.6GHz Atom Z5260 is fueling a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 tablet, as well as Asus's 6-inch Fonepad Note and 10-inch MemoPad FHD10 tablets, while Asus also unveiled a hybrid 11.6-inch Transformer Book Trio, combining an Android slate based on a 2GHz dual-core Atom Z2580 with a keyboard dock running Windows 8 on an Intel Haswell processor."
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RE[3]: Please fail
by christian on Wed 5th Jun 2013 11:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Please fail"
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"I hope they succeed. Competition benefits consumers more than fragmentation hurts them.

If Intel succeeds you will get the same situation you have now between Intel and AMD. So no in this case it would be better if there were no Intel. It is much better to have a few smaller players without a monopoly.

What, you mean Intel responding to the AMD threat from years ago and pumping out iteration after iteration of frankly superb CPUs? Before AMD were a credible threat, we had the likes of PentiumIII struggling to break the 1GHz barrier, followed by the P4 clusterfuck.

Once AMD pulled Intel's pants down, they rallied and produced great new CPUs starting with Core 2 (Core was basically an enhanced PentiumIII).

With x86 and ARM battling over the tablet space, they'll converge on high performance and low power designs. Without that competition, designs from either side will stagnate, as could be seen in the netbook space (Atom domination).

It'll be interesting if or when ARM scales up in the performance stakes to start nipping at the heels of x86 on the laptop/desktop/server space. Interesting times ahead.

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