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Legal "The ITC has banned Company X from importing some models of Phone A and Tablet B because they infringe on a Company Y patent. In a cease and desist order issued today, the International Trade Commission ordered Company X to stop importing AT&T models of the Phone A, the Phone B and C, the Tablet A, and the Tablet B into the US." Commentary if you're cheering for Company X: it's entirely unfair to ban entire products just because of infringement on a single patent. The patent system sucks! Commentary if you're cheering for Company Y: Company X are a bunch of thieves who never invent anything on their own. The patent system is a great thing that protects American companies. Up next week: role reversal, regurgitation of the same 'arguments', just the other way around! Ugh.
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It's a sad state of affairs
by jgagnon on Wed 5th Jun 2013 13:36 UTC
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If left to themselves, most companies would use every dirty trick they could to get ahead and stay ahead. So governments step in to help keep the companies in check. The more power a government has the more corrupt it becomes, just like any corporation. So who keeps the governments in check? People... that work for the companies... and so it continues.

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