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Windows Microsoft has released a video showing off some of the features coming to Windows 8.1. I must say, the new features all look like great additions (the new search looks awesome), but I'm much more interested in performance - the huge bottleneck for anything related to Metro. In addition, as part of the Windows 8.1 update, Windows RT users will get an ARM version of Outlook. Not that I care, but I'm sure some business users do.
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RE[4]: UAC
by darknexus on Wed 5th Jun 2013 19:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: UAC"
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UAC isn't pointless.... Its one of the best things Microsoft has ever added to windows.

Not really. It could have been, if they'd done it right and required a password or something other than mindlessly clicking the "yes" or "continue" buttons. Sure, it will require a password if the account is not an admin, but the fact is that when most people set up their laptops they use the defaults, and the default is that the first user created is an admin. As such they still end up downloading something like "BarelyLegalTeenzNaked.jpg.exe" and clicking the damn thing, then impatiently click yes. Same with installers, damn near every installer wants elevated access so it can write to Program Files, change the registry, etc. I realize that most installers don't actually *need* this, but they request it anyway and thus the users are desensitized to what the UAC prompt should signify. Rather than raising a red flag as it should, it's become just one more dialog to click through and get rid of.
UAC hasn't actually protected anyone who doesn't already have the knowledge to protect themselves. Those who do don't need it, and those who don't will just click through it anyway.
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