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Legal Ah, patents - the never-ending scourge of the technology industry. Whether wielded by companies who don't actually make any products, or large corporations who abuse them because they can't compete in the market place or because they're simply jerks, they do the industry a huge disservice and are simply plain dangerous. According to The Wall Street Journal (circumvention link), president Obama is about to take several executive actions to address patent trolls - which may seem like a good idea, but I am very worried that all this will do is strengthen the positions of notorious patent system abusers such as Apple and Microsoft.
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Patent trolls
by SonicMetalMan on Thu 6th Jun 2013 14:24 UTC
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I admit that something needs to be done with the US patent system but I greatly fear anything that the current administration would attempt to do. So far the track record is not good with these guys, you need only to look at the debacle of Obamacare. The "fix" causes more damage than the original problem.

Maybe my outlook is too simplistic but I would love to see sitting judges just tossing out the lawsuits from the big boys. Appeals can be handled the same way. How many millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours have been spent between Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung suing each other? What a travesty of the justice system in the US.

The taxpayers and the consumers are getting soaked by bad behavior.

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