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Windows "The problem with Microsoft's latest approach is that the company is gambling on consumers seeing past the Office confusion, and betting that PC makers will start creating high-quality devices. Unlike the netbook era, there's a huge choice of tablets these days. If time has taught us anything, it's that confused consumers will go elsewhere."
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Just how many are confused really?
by jockm on Fri 7th Jun 2013 00:48 UTC
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I wish the linked article actually contained some kind of data to support its assertion. I am sure some people are confused about RTs inclusion of Office, whereas the Pro does not (except possibly for the 256G SKU in Japan). But is that actually enough to be relevant?

We can play the anecdote game all day long, but anecdotes are the worst kind of data. For example, I know two people who got Surface RTs, and one who got a Pro, they weren't super informed ahead of time, and none of them were confused about the inclusion or exclusion of Office. None of them went elsewhere.

But I am sure you all can give me counter examples. The only thing that will really be meaningful will be real data...

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