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Legal This story is getting bigger and bigger. Even though most Americans probably already knew, it is now official: the United States government, through its National Security Agency, is collecting the communications and data of all American citizens, and of non-Americans using American services, through a wide collaboration with the large companies in technology, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so on. Interestingly enough, the NSA itself, as well as the US government, have repeatedly and firmly denied this massive spying on Americans and non-Americans took place at all.
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It's actually a very good start if you start this on your side (client side). Paying attention to what programs you use and what "data hygiene" you can exercise is important, and I would even say basic IT knowledge is mandatory.

No. Most of the interesting data resides on servers, not clients. Think of e.g. e-mail: all the interesting stuff is there on the servers and accessible and whatever client you choose won't change that fact and as such the protection of your e-mail secrets and privacy is placed on the shoulders of the entity running the servers. Web browsers are an even better example of this: the client only handles input/output, the servers handle all the raw stuff, and no matter which client you choose Facebook or whatever can still access all your stuff.

The protection starts from servers.

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