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Legal This story is getting bigger and bigger. Even though most Americans probably already knew, it is now official: the United States government, through its National Security Agency, is collecting the communications and data of all American citizens, and of non-Americans using American services, through a wide collaboration with the large companies in technology, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so on. Interestingly enough, the NSA itself, as well as the US government, have repeatedly and firmly denied this massive spying on Americans and non-Americans took place at all.
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suppressed all dissenting political activity

I want to point out just this, because it is a really, really bad comparison in the context of the 20th century and since this is something no historian or the official US denies I think it should simply be known as a fact.

The US did indeed kill, murder and torture political activists at least from the 50s to 70s, which appears to be fall into the period you are talking about. There have been multiple operations, but the most famous and well documented one is COINTELPRO.

Okay, I hope whatever you think about the US, I think it is good to know some history. Personally I come from a country that basically was the root of both world wars, so really not judging anyone.

Just a comment about this discussion in general. We could go on and on discussing which country is better or worse, but lets be honest there isn't a country which has a lot of bad history and there also isn't a country without many, many amazing people, just like I guess everyone knows someone that is pro-<something you consider bad> and you still know that person is a good, reputable person.

Also this doesn't really get you anywhere. You can't be like "uh, but it's still worse there" and comparing usually doesn't bring you far. It would mean if you are the best then you have nothing to do and that's simply not true, because if you act like that you will eventually stall and then go backward and that's the opposite direction you wanna go, because really, there isn't a point where you have enough freedom, security, wealth to just sit down and do nothing and I think this discussion and this article shows that we are all far from where we wanna be.

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