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Legal And yes, the PRISM scandal is far, far from over. More and more information keeps leaking out, and the more gets out, the worse it gets. The companies involved have sent out official statements - often by mouth of their CEOs - and what's interesting is that not only are these official statements eerily similar to each other, using the same terms clearly designed by lawyers, they also directly contradict new reports from The New York Times. So, who is lying?
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Just go to whomever is in charge or has access to the server and demand the private keys and access passwords with the letter that says if you even mention it to any lawyer you will go to jail forever.

The only reason not to do this is that if you bring the upper level people on board they are gagged too. If not: If I was the CEO and I found this had happened without my consent, that I was never handed the gag letter, in one swoop I would talk to the NY Times, fix the infiltration and fire the employee. After all until they hand me the writ I am unbound.

I don't care what the letter says, If I'm a executive officer I expect my employee to bring me in to the loop, albeit off the record.

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