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Graphics, User Interfaces "Though 'flat design' is a popular meme right now, there is something much, much deeper going on here at Microsoft. With my own lifelong passion for design I immersed myself in the community and got a front-row seat on a journey that has its roots as far back as the late '90s with Encarta's bold use of typography and clean interface. But it truly sprang to life in late 2010 with the launch of Windows Phone and in the last few weeks has advanced even further with Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. I started from the very place I bet you are right now - disbelief that Microsoft is leading the way on design." They really are. If Apple really goes all minimalist and digital (I dislike the term 'flat') with iOS, Microsoft will have taken over the baton. Crazy world indeed.
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by deathshadow on Sun 9th Jun 2013 05:47 UTC
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The idiotic inaccessible train-wreck design of that website that shows a complete lack of understanding web technologies, (and took me a while to figure out how the **** to even get around it) it's not exactly an encouraging way to say they are doing anything in 'design' worth a flying purple fish... what with the color contrasts below accessibility norms, px metric fonts on everything, unusual navigation, and endless pointless bloat of images that don't mean a blasted thing.

Just more proof they need to fire every last mike-foxtrot working on interface design at this point; the level of ineptitude shown in that site ALONE is on a scale the likes of which I've not seen since my last visit to Yahoo.

Of course, that I absolutely HATE 'metro' or whatever the blue blazes they're calling it this week and find it near impossible to use with the effectively random order of elements, acid trip of childish colors resulting in illegible text, and it in general being Microsoft giving a giant middle finger to desktop users -- well, that doesn't help much either.

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