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Internet & Networking "Bruce Lawson started a very interesting discussion about the Encrypted Media Extensions to HTML a few months ago, with learned and interesting commentary from John Foliot and others. After devoting some thought to this, I believe that the amount of argument around this subject is at least partially caused by its separation of the web from the spirit of the web."
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by anda_skoa on Sun 9th Jun 2013 11:26 UTC in reply to "Comment by shmerl"
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John Foliot (one of the active supporters for this proposal on the W3C list) sounds very disingenuous when claiming that EME proposal is not about DRM. It's is exactly about DRM.

It is marvelous how much smoke screening the proponents of the spec are prepared to do just in order to hide the goals.

In the comment section of a W3C blog on person went as far as to claim it was about making sure that content right owners are paid and had to weasel out when someone correctly pointed out that it epically failed at that by not containing anything about payment.

Or claiming they don't know the requirements when people who try to compromise ask about them in order to come up with a univerally implementable DRM mechanism.

Their very goal is it to not have it univerally implementable, otherwise all devices, operating systems and browsers would be at equal footing and they can't have that.

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