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Legal And yes, the PRISM scandal is far, far from over. More and more information keeps leaking out, and the more gets out, the worse it gets. The companies involved have sent out official statements - often by mouth of their CEOs - and what's interesting is that not only are these official statements eerily similar to each other, using the same terms clearly designed by lawyers, they also directly contradict new reports from The New York Times. So, who is lying?
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by orfanum on Mon 10th Jun 2013 12:23 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Re:"
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Sorry, I just do not comprehend your answer: are you for or against socialism? Your chief angst about socialists in your own country is that they are *privatising* assets, which then turn into monopolies.

So, if you are against socialism, then at least you must be in favour of this particular cadre for decoupling state and commercial interests?

If you are for socialism, which some of your reply seems to indicate, since regulating markets that turn into monopolies can be said to be state interference, why are you seemingly down on socialism generally?

I can't make up my mind whether you can't make up your mind, or that you just don't really know what you are addressing apart from some hurt sensibilities at change in your country that for whatever reason you just don't like or are not gaining any advantage from.

I don't mean this maliciously - I genuinely can't fathom where you are coming from.

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