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Games Sony just won the console war for this generation. Not only is the PS4 going to be cheaper, Sony's CEO gloated on stage last night at E3 with the biggest possible grin as he detailed that all that nonsensical DRM crap that Microsoft is pulling, like blocking used games sales and stuff like that? Yeah, Sony's PS4 will have none of that. Sony even made an instructional video to explain how sharing games works.
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RE: Damn you Sony!
by Deviate_X on Tue 11th Jun 2013 10:36 UTC in reply to "Damn you Sony!"
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We are supposed to hate you! I have had you on my evil corporation list almost as long as Microsoft. Microsoft is starting to look good due to comparisons with Apple, and now Sony is looking good in comparison to Microsoft.

Damn you Sony, I want to hate you!

I suspect that Apples success with DRM has emboldened the DRM-god at MSFT.

MSFT has included Apple style DRM with music, video and now games and gone even further than Apple by including region restrictions, TPM requirement, required internet (for media and games) and god knows what other type of unannounced traps, for their unsuspecting and _paying_ customers.

Hopefully the XBox One will die because of this and MSFT will be forced to learn a hard, and painful lesson.

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