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Internet & Networking "Bruce Lawson started a very interesting discussion about the Encrypted Media Extensions to HTML a few months ago, with learned and interesting commentary from John Foliot and others. After devoting some thought to this, I believe that the amount of argument around this subject is at least partially caused by its separation of the web from the spirit of the web."
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RE[2]: It was needed.
by anda_skoa on Tue 11th Jun 2013 10:38 UTC in reply to "RE: It was needed."
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With Flash, we already know how to make sure a new browser implements NPAPI well enough to get the plugin working.

Not to mention that it is a plugin, it can be plugged into any browser implementing the respective host infrastructure.

It allows a third party like Adobe to provide something that works regardless of the browser being used by the user, leaving it up to the user to choose which browser to use based on the user's preferences.

The EME spec on the other hand only specifies a JavaScript API that the browser must provide for the content application. All browser will have to implement it again and again.
Tird parties like Adobe will have to reach out to all browser vendors or all operating system vendors or all device vendors (depending on which level the "protection" is implemented in a certain scenario) and ask them to be included.

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