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Apple We already talked about iOS 7 yesterday (after a night of sleep, it's only looking worse and worse - look at this, for Fiona's sake!), so now it's time to talk about the downright stunning and belly flutters-inducing new Mac Pro. As former owner and huge, huge, huge fan of the PowerMac G4 Cube - I haven't been this excited about an Apple product since, well, I would say the iMac G4. This is the Apple I used to love.
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Whatever particular production you do (audio, video, film, animation, programming) -- if you have the budget you might need something external that expands or improves upon what's built in. But this is good design on Apple's part, not bad.

Why should I (audio producer) have to pay for video features I'll never use? Why would I want empty space for 4 internal devices I'll never buy and which would operate slower than what I can put on a single thunderbolt cable?

I know I can't have 2-5 fans spinning in my studio, above or below the desk. Quiet is very important for me and anyone doing production.

All audio studios use AD interfaces in external boxes - no one pro has random soundcards sticking out of their CPU box - that's very 90's.

I see Thunderbolt to Interface box, then Thunderbolt to Drive array, then Thunderbolt to 4k display. That's a whole lot of production workstation on 1 cable. If you need the old non-thunderbolt gear, you have 2 firewire 800/400 ports compatible all the way back to 2002 or something, and USB 3/2/1 on top of that. With 2TB of fast SSD, 16gb RAM, 2 video cards, 2 ethernet, fast wifi, and bluetooth in that tube, what exactly are you updating internally?

Also - Anyone who sees no difference between a 3 foot tall beige box with 4 loud fans, case cracked open, card slots full and 10 cables dangling and this tiny little powerhouse cylinder are blind and dumb. Stop ignoring reality. Noise, power usage, cable organization, and presentation (for clients) is all critical stuff, not fluff.

And if you don't care *anything* about looks then I suspect you are wearing a cotton sack around your body, drive a $200 automobile, and haven't combed your hair since 1999. Your walls are white and barren, your floors grey and hard, and your lighting fluorescent and unalterable. You, the one with no love of anything beautiful or efficient, the one with no ego. Yeah right!

I don't have robot ears, sorry JP.

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