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Apple We already talked about iOS 7 yesterday (after a night of sleep, it's only looking worse and worse - look at this, for Fiona's sake!), so now it's time to talk about the downright stunning and belly flutters-inducing new Mac Pro. As former owner and huge, huge, huge fan of the PowerMac G4 Cube - I haven't been this excited about an Apple product since, well, I would say the iMac G4. This is the Apple I used to love.
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RE[3]: I like it
by Darkmage on Thu 13th Jun 2013 16:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I like it"
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I think the discussion on this will always be between people who actually use professional grade gear/have done high end event/film/video production, and those who think they know because they've dabbled at home. Sure they got some stuff working, but they don't rely on it every day, to work every single time they click to render out.

I'm saying this as someone who's had to mix multiple 1080p video streams in realtime, output them to a HD net feed, as well as a LIVE display being watched at the event by thousands of people and record them to disk, as well as add layering effects. The Mac Pros are designed to handle that sort of stressed out workload.

A home PC can technically do it, but will almost certainly fall over at some point. I should know, I've built both kinds of systems. I would take the Mac Pro over the other solution any day of the week. I used to think that the hardware didn't matter, but after actually having to run this stuff in production, I know better. Experience is a harsh teacher.

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