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Apple "The key takeaway we've reached (after two less than 24 hours playing with the iOS 7 Beta release) is this - every App must consider even basic updates to its UI to survive in a post-iOS 6 world." Great. Telling developers to update their entire application - user interface and behaviour alike - to target a look and behaviour that isn't final yet. Seems like potential for a lot of wasted work here.
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RE[2]: How to wind up dev's
by tomz on Fri 14th Jun 2013 13:41 UTC in reply to "RE: How to wind up dev's"
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It depends. If your app is free, you have to do the work and don't get anything for it.

But also note the complaint about the various versions of Android still out there that create such a burden. Well the apps work across the platforms, the Gingerbread apps work on ICS. Maybe not optimally, but the apps I have on Android tend to work across my devices.

Apple is also saying everyone moves quickly to new versions, so you will have to change the app - and no one asked the key question - will the updated iOS 7 apps work well with iOS 6, or when they update, those still on iOS 6 will end up with a clunky, annoying experience? Or do you have to write it to support both with conditional code? And what if not everyone updates so quickly to iOS 7 given the radical change?

I would hope Apple would make things play nicely and easily, but then if the UI API were so good, why is iOS 6-7 not transparent? That the apps would work fine under iOS 7 without changes, but would simply work better if the changes were made?

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