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Apple We already talked about iOS 7 yesterday (after a night of sleep, it's only looking worse and worse - look at this, for Fiona's sake!), so now it's time to talk about the downright stunning and belly flutters-inducing new Mac Pro. As former owner and huge, huge, huge fan of the PowerMac G4 Cube - I haven't been this excited about an Apple product since, well, I would say the iMac G4. This is the Apple I used to love.
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RE[4]: Multiple monitors
by Morgan on Fri 14th Jun 2013 18:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Multiple monitors"
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Just like that pesky FireWire standard, right? I mean no one but Apple ever used it. Only my Sony laptop, my wife's video camera, my Mitsubishi television and my 12 year old Compaq retro gaming machine have it in my household. You know, come to think of it I own zero Macs right now and yet I have several devices with FireWire. Imagine that...

I don't normally say rude things like this, but I have to call you out: You're a bleeding idiot. As others have pointed out, Thunderbolt is not only DisplayPort compatible, it's gaining ground steadily among all the major manufacturers. It can be used as a multi-protocol connector, a hub for many other types of devices. The only downside I've seen to it is the outrageous cost of the cables due to the active circuitry inside them.

But that's just, like, my opinion, man.

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