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Novell and Ximian Rumors circulating that Novell is going to kill off its popular Linux desktop lines are completely false. [However,] Novell is making one large strategic change. The GNOME interface is going to become the default interface on both the SLES and Novell Linux Desktop line. KDE libraries will be supplied on both, but the bulk of Novell's interface moving forward will be on GNOME. "The entire KDE graphical interface and product family will continue to be supported and delivered on OpenSuSE."
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...because of GTK and it's corporate-friendly license. Cool, the LGPL allows everyone and their dog to develop commercial Gnome/ GTK apps for free. But where are those apps? I know of a few commercial GTK applications:
- Acrobat Reader, the closed source GTK reference app.
- Helixplayer, free like Acroread, and developed open source.
- Pagestream, a rare DTP app.
- VMWare, an application where the toolkit doesn't matter at all - they could have used TCL/TK, nobody would have noticed the difference, as the GUI is only used to configure the application.
- Xara for Linux, not released yet, also not a GTK app (uses WxWidgets).

That's not much. commercial desktop Qt/ KDE apps anyone?
- Viva Designer, a DTP application.
- Skype, obviously.
- Opera, obviously.
- Hancom Office, chinese office suite.
- Serna, XML editor.
- FormularManager, tax application.
- QCAD Pro, 2D CAD.
- ...

The list goes on, and you see, there are many more Qt/ KDE closed source apps than GTK apps. Also notice, most closed source Linux apps are from outside the USA, from countries where desktop Linux is more widespread and KDE is the default desktop.

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