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Mac OS X The third and final WWDC product I want to talk about is - of course - OS X 10.9 Mavericks. While iOS 7 was clearly the focus of this year's WWDC, its venerable desktop counterpart certainly wasn't left behind. Apple announced OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the first OS X release not to carry the name of a big cat.
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About time
by BallmerKnowsBest on Sat 15th Jun 2013 18:35 UTC
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first OS X release not to carry the name of a big cat.

FINALLY. It's amazing it took Apple so long to clue into the fact that the "big cats" naming scheme was complete idiocy. For one, they blew their wad too early by starting with the biggest cats - giving the perception that their newer releases are less powerful than the previous ones. Really, what sounds more impressive: OS X Lion? Or OS X De-clawed Overweight Housecat?

Which leads into the other problem: there was no rhyme or reason to the names, and no reliable way to tell which releases are newer. Both tigers and lions are larger & more powerful than mountain lions, so that means OS X Tiger & Lion must be newer than OS X Mountain Lion, right?

It almost feels like a deliberate way of making obnoxious hipsters feel special & "in the know". You know, the kind of insufferable tw@s who used to endlessly repeat the story of Clarus, the Dogcow (the dogcow goes "moof"... because cows go "moo" and dogs go "woof", lol get it lol?).

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